The old manor retained all the charm of the 18th century. The interior doorframes and doors are still as they have been made almost 300 years ago. The spacious rooms with many off-white natural stone walls, typical of the region, are tastefully decorated. Here and there flowers, books and beautiful objects gleaned in one country or another… you are elsewhere… and you want to stay there.


As on a paint palette, the colors are juxtaposed and sometimes mixed. The same holds for the aroma of the various herbs and flowers. The flowering groves and trees in the park invite to a walk, to stop in the shade of foliage, under the arcades, or at the pool located away from the house, in a green setting and protected by an impressive old stone wall.  A book, a siesta, or a refreshing swim. It’s all there…


The most eye-catching feature of the region are the innumerable vineyards. However, there is a lot more to see and to do. Bordeaux, a nice and cozy city, with its culture, museums, restaurants and terraces, its walks along the Garonne. Saint-Emilion, the most famous wine city of the world, medieval, with its many wine châteaux. Various abbeys from the 13th century, the Bay of Arcachon, the Dune the Pilat and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Everything at a driving distance varying from 15 minutes to a good hour.